Business Directory

The Wheatbelt Business Directory profiles WBN members first and then lists other businesses in the region. The directory is a great place to find a business to support, partner with and jointly tender with.

  • Loose Stitches

    Industries: RetailAddress: 37 Heal St, Quairading 6383 Western AustraliaContact: Rochelle OsborneEmail:
  • Three-O-Two Home & Gifts

    Industries: RetailAddress: 20 Churchill St, Narembeen 6369 Western AustraliaContact: Amy HardhamEmail:
  • IGA Narembeen

    Industries: RetailContact: Tash HillsEmail:
  • Topp-Dogg

    Industries: RetailAddress: 14 Dandaragan St, Moora 6510 Western AustraliaContact: Julie WalshEmail:
  • Mukinbudin IGA

    Industries: RetailAddress: 27 Shadbolt Street, Mukinbudin 6479 Western AustraliaContact: Steve LangeEmail:
  • Farmhouse Collectables

    Industries: RetailContact: Pauline CarrEmail:
  • Merredin Sportspower

    Industries: RetailAddress: 100B Barrack St, Merredin 6415 Western AustraliaContact: Anne-Marie PetersEmail:
  • Nextra News and Stationery Merredin

    Industries: RetailAddress: 100 Barrack Street, Merredin 6415 Western AustraliaContact: Shaun MortonEmail:
  • Merredin Supa IGA

    Industries: RetailAddress: 96 Barrack St, Merredin 6415 Western AustraliaContact: Deb WhissonEmail:
  • Kellerberrin News

    Industries: RetailAddress: 104 Massingham St, Kellerberrin 6410 Western AustraliaContact: Steve ColeEmail:
  • Kellerberrin Farmers Co-operative - IGA

    Industries: RetailAddress: 62 Massingham Street, Kellerberrin 6410 Western AustraliaContact: Linda TaylorEmail:
  • The Ag Shop

    Industries: Agriculture, Automotive, Hardware, Other, Retail, Trades, TransportWebsite: Visit WebsitePhone: 08 9880 5574 Contact: Andrew MeadEmail:
  • Stumpys Roadhouse

    Industries: RetailAddress: 4 Corbering Rd, Brookton 6306 Western AustraliaContact: Cathy WoodEmail:
  • Little Eeden Farm Honey and Apiary

    Industries: RetailContact: Rene Van EedenEmail:
  • Bindoon IGA

    Industries: RetailContact: SamEmail:
  • Bindoon Mowers and Machinery

    Industries: RetailAddress: 8 Spice Rd, Bindoon 6502 Western AustraliaContact: Rachel WithnellEmail:

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