6-Month Tailor-Made Growth
Mentoring Program for
Established Businesses

WBN GROW is designed to solve a distinct problem or create a specific system to help you and your business grow. With accountability and guidance of a 1:1 mentor; WBN GROW will support you as you build a business that works.

At the WBN we believe that every business needs a strategy. This is effectively the ‘bones’ of a business – it provides structure, gives stability and enables the business to move forward. A clearly defined strategy is the foundation to  building a business that works. With a focus on strategic readiness, WBN GROW can assist participants address challenges and limitations; and move forward as a profitable, sustainable, innovative regional business.

WHAT is WBN GROW and what will it do for my business?

WBN GROW is a strategic growth program designed to help participants build a business that works. We work with you to focus ON your business, rather than IN it. The WBN GROW Program will enable participants to develop a core business strategy, that can be applied in their business as a ‘roadmap’ towards a purposefully designed end result.


WBN GROW is a tailor-made growth program for established businesses who are ready to push their business to the next level.

HOW does WBN GROW work?

WBN GROW is delivered over 6 months using a combination of introspective business analysis, facilitated problem solving, onsite mentoring and experienced based learning.

WHY should I participate in WBN GROW?

WBN GROW will work towards growing your ‘Entrepreneurial’ capacity enabling you to undertake the strategic work necessary to grow your business. WBN GROW will empower you to gain control within in your business, so that you can close the gap between the business you have, and the one you really want .

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