WBN Seed Business program for startup businesses or businesses that have been in operation for under 2 years

WBN Seed 1-Day Workshop

Monday 10th February, 2020
Corrigin CRC, 9am – 5pm

Followed by 4 weeks mentoring in your business.

Join Paul Clarke and Josh Horneman – from the WA consulting business Illumium – for an informative workshop on how to support growth and sustainability plans for your business.

Whether you are simply considering this, or have made a start with your own plan, this WBN workshop will offer you the opportunity to develop your skills on how to build a robust business model for your firm. The emphasis will be on realistic growth, profitability and sustainability.


Session 1: (9.00am to 12.00pm)

Each participant business would be provided with a major education piece around the importance of business modelling, robust financial plans and sound marketing/communication messaging for the purposes of a pitch for funding, business growth, commercialisation, sustainability etc. We will take you through a process of defining all of the key components and business thinking that needs to be considered for growth or funding readiness.
We will include opportunities for interaction between participants in terms of sharing common challenges in achieving growth and sustainability, and there will be opportunities for Q & A’s throughout.

As part of this material, we will use the cloud business planning tools VentureCast to help illustrate working models where we’ve helped businesses growth, sustain and raise funding.

Session 2: (12.30pm to 3.00pm)

Each participant business would be issued with their individual login to the VentureCast tools along with a 2-month subscription. Participants would be free to extend this subscription at the normal monthly subscription rates if they wish to do so. During this part of the workshop, participant businesses will get an opportunity to start to use the tools to build their individual business model with on-the-spot support from the presenters.

Session 3: (3.00pm onwards)

Participant businesses can ‘book’ a one-to-one 20 min advisory slot with either of the presenters to discuss their specific business in more detail, or they can continue to work on their business model or leave if preferred.

Customised Learning

During the second half of the day, you will get the opportunity to create a real-world financial plan based on your business, using ‘VentureCast’ – a software as a service platform designed to provide financial insights. This is not an accounting tool and is used to help build the strategic plan for growth for all types of business and circumstances. The Learning Outcomes will include:

  • Important factors make a great business model – that’s realistically aligned to your business
  • Allow you to see how modern software can be used to help with planning for growth, sustainability or expansion through realistic financial forecasting and business planning.
  • Understand how spreadsheets are not always the right tool for the job.
  • Better understanding the financial levers that can be adjusted in your business, and what effect pulling them might have on results.
  • Understand how strategy and finance are closely linked.

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