We can help improve how your association runs.

We have helped many associations establish an effective and low maintenance governance structure so that they can get on with the fun stuff, like playing the sport they love and helping people in their community.

We have also reviewed how associations are governed and created streamlined solutions to reduce volunteer exhaustion and provided Governance 101 training.

I seriously would not have been able to do this without you so a VERY BIG THANK YOU. You provide a wonderful service and I am so glad that I went to the workshop.

Anne, Moora

Communicating Your Business Value Workshops

What do you do? We hear that all the time. And the answer is simple? Right? Well if you want to turn more enquiries into sales, that answer should focus on what benefit and emotional value your business provides to potential customers. You’re simply not just a Dentist who fixes teeth, or a plumber who fixes pipes.

The Communicating Your Value workshop is a 1-2 hour focus on how you communicate what your business does in terms of benefits and value to the customer. We help you focus on your point of difference, your target audience, your idea customer and how your message needs to resonate with them. We help you come up with a short sentence or tag line that you can use in your marketing, on your social media pages and any adverting to better promote your products and services.

Come along to one of our scheduled workshops, or if you would like to run one in your area, please click on the button below and let us know.

It was lovely to meet you yesterday, and a massive thankyou for a great evening – it was most enlightening, helpful, and great to brainstorm and network with the others.

Now we have to put it into practice!  Couldn’t sleep last night for my head buzzing…

Colette, SkyworksWA

Strategic Planning

Does your business or organisation need a strong plan to help it achieve its goals?

We create purposeful and concise plans to ensure you have a clear direction and the strategies in place that get you to where you need to be.

Using design thinking strategies and our understanding of rural communities we can help you create and implement your forward plans.

We do not create lengthy plans that sit on shelves, we use our skills to create plans you can use, understand and are practical with measurable outcomes.

Community Consultation

Do you have a goal you wish to achieve for your business, organisation or community but need independent help to make it happen?

Our staff love to help local people solve local problems. We are passionate about providing independent perspectives on a problem, offering a smorgasbord of different solutions, and then leading the process through to a solid outcome.

We also approach each project with a regional perspective and can connect your project with our networks to provide solutions.

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE breathing life into new and innovative projects in the wheatbelt!

We are not only passionate, we are also unique. When you work with us you are working with a one of a kind. There is no organisation like the Wheatbelt Business Network in the state.

Pro Bono

We like to give back to Wheatbelt communities who support us.

To date we have:

  • Reviewed over 140 club constitutions to be in line with the new WA Associations Act 2015
  • Developed job descriptions for Executives of associations
  • Provided advice on strategic projects in the region and connecting organisations to work together
  • Sat in on performance reviews or job interviews with local businesses